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Like a lot of companies, Connexient had a very busy and exciting time at HiMSS 2015! All in all, what we experienced was a pretty overwhelming groundswell of demand for Indoor Navigation and Location-based services. This was driven by an understanding both of its immediate role in improving Patient Experience as well as its longer term strategic value and ROI. Whereas last year the discussions were all centered on pilots or initial deployments to one building, this year it was all about campus wide or network deployments, as well as driving towards integrations with EHR and other Healthcare IT.

A major reason was that this headline - not ours - from the 26th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey.

HIMSS 2015: Patient Satisfaction and Patient Engagement Race to the Top of CIOs’ Agendas

What we experienced in our discussions was part of a bigger wave, evidently! Here are just a few excerpts from a great summary by Healthcare Informatics:

b2ap3_thumbnail_logo-HCI.pngPatient satisfaction, patient engagement, and quality of care improvement have raced to the top of healthcare CIOs’ and senior IT executives’ agendas in the past year, according to the industry’s leading executive survey. Those were among the findings of the 26th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey, sponsored by the Chicago-based Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, and released at a press briefing held Monday morning, April 13, at the vast McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago.

With regard to the HIMSS Leadership Survey, most dramatically, respondents ranked “improve patient satisfaction” and “improve patient care/quality of care” as their top business objectives, both at 87 percent, and above “sustain financial viability,” at 85 percent; “improve care coordination,” at 76 percent; “improve operational efficiency,” at 72 percent; “improve physician satisfaction,” at 68 percent; “achieve meaningful use,” at 68 percent; and “increase market share,” at 66 percent. Jennifer Horowitz, HIMSS’ senior director of research, in response to a question from Healthcare Informatics regarding the unprecedented nature of this survey result, noted that the methodology of the survey has changed in this year’s survey, compared to last year’s.

This sea change in focus was something we experienced directly.

Indoor Navigation and Location-based Services Directly Improves both Patient Experience and Engagement

The reason is simple. While the study does not specifically focus on Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation, it is now clearly recognized as a key component of a strategy to improve Patient Satisfaction and Experience. It always has been in Hospitals - this is why there have long been Wayfinding Committees with C-level focus and significant budgets. But now this has been become part of a broader Patient Experience focus with even more Enterprise commitment.

Additionally, there was also high demand to integrate Indoor Navigation and Location-based Services with Patient Engagement applications and EHR platforms. While there are many potential benefits to this, the low hanging fruit is encapsulated in what have been evangelizing as the Airline Check-in Model Use Case. We'd be the first to agree that there are many things that are not so great about the Airline customer experience these days! But this particular use case is a bright spot and one that can be applied for even greater benefits in Healthcare.

The "Airline Checkin Model" Use Case

These screenshots show functionality that MediNav supports out-of-the box to support the integration with EHR systems to dramatically enhance and improve the patient experience.

Appointment Reminder


Patient receives an appointment reminder 24 hours prior and can confirm he/she is coming, as well as set reminder for a desired time when he/she should leave for the appointment. Patient can also view end-to-end route - outdoors and indoors - in advance at this point to pre-plan their trip.

Parking Planner


Using the Parking Planner feature, Patient is given recommended parking location based on their appointment destination inside the building. Then receives turn-by-turn navigation to the correct garage entrance with Google Maps.



Upon arrival at the parking garage, Patient’s physical presence is confirmed with BLE Beacon or Cisco MSE and Welcome Screen automatically triggered that enables he/she to save car location, notify caregivers of arrival, and receive turn-by-turn indoor navigation to appointment room.


The result is a win-win-win:

  1. reduced stress for the patient in getting to appointments;
  2. reduced no shows and late appointments for the Healthcare Provider; and something totally new
  3. real-time visibility into incoming flow of appointments so that the Healthcare Provider can manage its "dynamic inventory" more effectively.

This is a central thrust of our partnerships with both Stanley Healthcare and Intelligent Insights.

Would You Like to Partner with Connexient to Deliver the Airline Check-in Model?

Connexient is now actively moving forward on specifying, planning and then implementing the "Airline Check-in Model" with multiple clients and a major EHR platform. This is just one example of an initial use case that is facilitated, of course, and as we move forward with our partners we will continue to develop others.

If you would like to work with Connexient to leverage Indoor Navigation and Location-based Services to measurably improve the Patient Experience, enhance Patient Engagement and realize direct Enterprise ROI, please contact us!


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