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PoleStar Connect Day

SNCF, Unibail Rodemco, Schneider Electric and Connexient discuss use cases and strategic value of indoor positioning and navigation

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in an excellent panel and event hosted in Paris by Polestar dedicated to use cases and strategic value of indoor positioning, navigation and location-based services. The panel was moderated by Ludovic Privat of CROWDLOC and ConnecteDriver; and featured the following speakers:

Transportation: Pauline Bongrain, SNCF, French railway operator
Healthcare: Geoff Halstead, Connexient
Smart Corporate Buildings: Luc De Crémoux, Schneider Electric
Malls & Retail: Julien Marlot, Unibail Rodamco

The discussion was wide ranging, touching on the important real world use cases and value drivers from the large scale deployments in 4 very different verticals. This alone speaks to the fact that indoor positioning and navigation has now truly passed the market tipping point.

Pauline Bongrain of SNCF presented how location services is enabling both navigation at railroad stations and presence detection that power location-based features that enhance the experience of their business travelers.

Geoff Halstead of Connexient talked about how indoor navigation is solving the important pain point of wayfinding in hospitals for patients and visitors. Once navigation-quality maps and navigation services are deployed into large complex medical facilities and campuses, howeer, other important use cases begin to emerge.   At Connexient's deployment at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, for example, the primary users and uses cases have been staff and operational. Since launching and features addressing facility management have been added. Other clients are looking to integrate with asset tracking to optimize the flow and management of assets.

Safety and Security has become a big focus of future development. Today when responding to incidents, safety and security staff are literally "flying blind". With navigation services, suddenly an entirely new range of capabilities become possible to coordinate response efficiently, direct intelligent egress of people from buildings, providing location intelligence and routing for first responders and more. In total, it represents a revolution with very high value to the Enterprise.

Julien Marlot of Unibail Rodemco discussed how exactly the same progression has been happening after their initial deployment at location services at their Malls for customer experience. They are now piloting the use location services for security response and management, utilizing tags provided by a Polestar partner.

Luc De Crémoux of Schneider Electric concurred, summarizing how location services will become an enabling Enterprise infrastructure that will ultimately address many powerful use cases and needs.

There were, of course, many more topics and insights - please view the videos for complete coverage!

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