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Our New Partnership with Mutare

Mutare-logoLast Tuesday we announced our partnership agreement with Mutare to integrate their secure Vital Link™ notification system with Connexient's MediNav™ rich indoor mapping platform to launch the first-ever, HIPAA-compliant hospital navigation app with full smart notification integration.

This represents the culmination of many months of discussions with clients, evalution of partners and planning. We are confident that the result will be a breakthrough for the industry, bringing immediate ROI to our clients while setting the path to much more sophisticated integrations that can simultaneously:

  1. truly transform the Patient Experience;
  2. capture lost revenue; and
  3. improve efficiency for Healthcare Providers.

Here's why.

We Know Appointment Reminders Work

Thanks to innovators like Mobile Commons and mobileStorm - and their early adopter clients - there is already a strong body of data that demonstrates that the simple act of sending SMS text reminders can reduce missed appointments by up to 30%!

Now Add End-to-End Digital Wayfinding

Appointment reminders address one issue: people are busy, distracted and sometimes forgetful. But the next problem is actually getting a patient to their appointment through the maze that is a modern hospital and healthcare network. Beyond a mass of anecdotal evidence and our own personal experiences, there is plenty of hard data on the costs this imposes on both patients and Healthcare Networks.


With the Communicator Edition, Connexient is taking the next crucial step to integrate HIPPA-compliant end-to-end digital wayfinding with appointment  reminders into MediNav. The result is a patient experience like this.

  1. Patient Smith receive an SMS text appointment reminder on his phone.
  2. When Mr. Smith opens the text message, he taps the link to open MediNav. If he doesn't have MediNav yet, the SMS provides a link to download & install it.
  3. When Mr. Smith opens MediNav, he is taken to his HIPAA-Compliant in-box, where details of his appointment can be viewed safely and securely. ;The in-box includes a button to receive end-to-end directions to his appointment.
  4. Mr. Smith can now:
    • use Parking Planner to navigate directly to the best parking location based on his appointment location;
    • save his car's parking location with My Car;
    • get step-by-step directions (or navigation with blue dot implementation) to his appointment; nd
    • when the appointment is over, My Car will get him back to his parking spot.
  5. If Mr. Smith has another appointment in the Healthcare Network - say for an X-ray or MRI - MediNav will continue to guide him through his day.

That's how one very simple integration - supported by HIPAA-Compliant communications and architecture - can deliver real value to both provider and patient.

Now Add Location and Context-Awareness

This first simple step is important, However, with further integrations and development - most significantly with Enterprise-grade Indoor Positioning solutions like Cisco CMX -  we can ultimately deliver the same type of effortless Electronic Check-in experience that many of us enjoy today when we take an airline flight.

  • Francisco welcome medAppointment Reminder with Patient Confirmation.  Our Mr. Smith replies to the appointment reminder to confirm that he is coming. More importanly, if he hits traffic on the way, the system can be aware of this and ask if we should update the Hospital.
  • Physician / Department Notification.  When Mr. Smith arrives at the Hospital, we can now Detect, Connect and Engage with Mr. Smith, providing a Welcome Screen in MediNav to notify the Physician's office or Department that he is now in the parking garage and on heading to the appointment.
  • Security / Reception Desk Registration.   Mr. Smith's details - already stored in the app profile - can be forwarded to the Hospital's Registration or Security desk to generate his badge and otherwise facilitate arrival.
  • Contextual Reminders. Mr. Smith can receive contextual event and/or location-based alerts and reminders, such as:
    • prescription ready notifications;
    • post-discharge medication/appointment reminders and self-care instructions for better care outcomes and reduced re-admissions;
    • ongoing patient engagement through secure messaging of relevant information, including links that encourage use of the EMR patient portal.

By combining and integrating these elements - all with HIPAA Compliance - we can achieve multiple key objectives:

  1. make Mr. Smith's Patient Experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible;
  2. decrease the likelihood of late or missed appointments, which would result in lost revenue to the Hospital;
  3. reduce or eliminate burden on staff to assist in Wayfinding;
  4. provide clinical benefits with patient information and reminders.

One Step at a Time

Our partnership with Mutare for the MediNav Communicator Edition is another cornerstone in our commitment to ensure that our clients' patients, visitors and staff can realize all of the benefits of Indoor Navigation and Location-based Services across the entire Enterprise.

These integrations with other Healthcare applications and systems will not happen overnight. They will progress in a step-by-step fashion, driven by our clients' most compelling use cases. But Connexient will be ready - and a leader in realizing the vision of connected Healthcare by focusing on the details of the complex reality of implementation.

Next Week: Think Beyond the Patient!

Integrationg Indoor & Outdoor Location-based services with HIPAA-Compliant Communications will bring many benefits beyond the Patient Experience, of course. Important and compelling uses case in Operations, Security and beyond are natural and easy to address once this is in place.

We will talk about this next week!

Connexient LLC

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New York, NY 10001
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