• A Partnership Focused on Innovation

    HackensackUMC We are very proud to announce today that HackensackUMC deploying MediNav™ in partnership to drive innovation, transformation and Enterprise ROI in Healthcare that will encompass two tracks of innovation.

    1. an Enterprise deployment of MediNav™ Navigator Edition 2.0 using the Connexient SDK + API to implement an innovative “Airline check-in model” for Patient Experience; and
    2. a collaboration to develop pioneering Indoor Navigation and Augmented Reality features on Google’s revolutionary Project Tango platform.

    Making the Airline Check-in Model a Reality

    A focal point for Connexient and HackensackUMC will be to develop and pioneer an innovative "Airline Check-in Model" for patient experience where digital wayfinding, navigation and location services are integrated with appointment scheduling and patient flow solutions. When fully deployed, this model will bring multiple benefits to HackensackUMC and its patients:

    1. enhance patient experience, making it easy to get to where the patient or visitor wants to go;
    2. minimize the stress of patients and visitors face in navigating a large, complex facility;
    3. reduce missed or late appointments – capturing lost revenue; and
    4. optimize resource utilization by improving enterprise visibility of inbound appointments.

    Appointment reminderCheck in

    Our First SDK + API Deployment

    HackensackUMC will leverage the Connexient API + SDK to integrate MediNav maps, routing, directions and navigation into the new HackensackUMC mobile app patient engagement mobile application, Web site and patient portal. This is another huge and very exciting milestone for Connexient. While the initial integration focused on the problem of Patient Experience is important, the Connexient SDK + API also enables our clients to integrate MediNav maps, navigation and location services into applications and platforms across the Enterprise, such as operations (staff and clinical workflow), asset tracking, security, facility management and more. Each integration will bring increasing ROI to the Enterprise and benefits to the end users.

    Pushing the Envelope with Project Tango

    Project Tango Connexient and HackensackUMC will also partner in a second track to develop first a prototype and then pilot a mobile application built on Google’s revolutionary Project Tango platform with two vectors:

    1. Indoor Navigation. Applying Tango as an actual solution for indoor “positioning” and navigation.
    2. Augmented Reality. Leveraging Tango unique ability to “see the world as humans do” for a variety of Augmented Reality use cases for navigating and interacting with physical environments.

    Working with a Visionary Healthcare IT Leader

    “At Hackensack University Medical Center, we are dedicated to healthcare transformation and continuous improvement of the patient experience. We see Indoor Navigation and Location-based Services as a key to solving the challenges patients, visitors – and even team members – face in getting through a large, complex facility such as ours. Our work together with Google’s Project Tango will further push this envelope of innovation with a truly revolutionary leap forward in how mobile devices can understand and interact with the world around them.”

    Now It’s Time to Get to Work!

    At Connexient, we know taking innovation from an idea to reality take careful planning, hard work and collaboration. The benefits of both of these concepts will only be gained through careful integration not just technically, but ensuring that data flows in both directions and delivers the right information at the right time in an actionable way for the people that use it - whether that be the patient or the hospital staff or caregiver.

    We look forward to starting that work today with Hackensack UMC!

    Are You Going to HIMSS2016?

    Please come see us!

    Or schedule a Webex meeting to learn more about the MediNav and the Airline Check-in Model.


  • Connexient Announces API + SDK for Enterprise Indoor LBS

    The Next Step for Connexient

    It's been a long time coming, but finally it has arrived! Connexient announced today that we will preview our new API + SDK at HIMMS 2014 ;for release to selected Alpha partners after the show. These collaborations will also help us finalize the offering for general release at the end of Q2, 2014.

    It's a big step forward for us - and for bringing the promise of indoor location-based services (LBS) to the Enterprise. The Connexient API and SDK will enable any organization with large and complex facilities to integrate Connexient's robust Indoor Mapping and Location-based Services platform into existing applications, platforms and IT infrastructure.

    What's In It

    Connexient's API + SDK offering is comprised of the following tools and services.

    • REST API: Enables more sophisticated integrations and EDI with Web applications and platforms, along with code libraries and support for integration with Cisco CMX and other indoor positioning solutions.
    • SDK for Android and iOs native applications: provides all the tools needed to easily integrate Connexient Indoor Maps, Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation and LBS features into smartphone and tablet applications
    • HTML5 Support: Makes it easy to integrate maps and Wayfinding with existing kiosks and digital signage systems, maximizing flexibility and efficiency in maintenance while minimizing costs
    • Web-based Map Editor and Location-Aware Content Management System (CMS): To add, edit or delete content - and then instantly update maps and location-based content to all mediums and devices

    What It Is Not

    An API or SDK does not make a map, much less a wayfinding, navigation or Indoor LBS database. At Connexient, we have a mantra: The Map Really Matters.Scanning and uploading a PDF of a Floor Map will not deliver the accuracy and reliability required to get people where they need to go - or anything else that really matters when it comes to Indoor LBS.

    Therefore, our API + SDK is backed by our Enterprise-grade Services and Support. This enables our developers, clients and partners focus on what they do best - technology, integration, software development and so on - while we focus on the map, the meta-data, wayfinding and navigation information and all the tools that make it easy to use and integrate.

    What's Next

    We have work to do. And it is work done best when collaborating with partners that have specific needs, requirements and use cases. We've already made our application the first client to our API & SDK. Now we need a few more with broader needs!

    So, we encourage interested organizations to contact us regarding our Alpha Partner program.

    Or better yet, if your are going to be at HiMSS 2014, please schedule a time to meet with us! 

    Unfortunately, we can't open the program generally yet. Interested parties for the Alpha Partner program should have substantive technical resources and a business use case that is immediate. We've already started discussions with a few, and look forward to more.

    Let the next stage begin!

  • HIMMS16 Round-up: Indoor Navigation has Arrived

    After a very hectic but rewarding and exciting week at HIMSS16, it is time to catch our breath and take stock. Here are our take-aways from the show on the status of Digital Wayfinding, Navigation and Location-based Services in Healthcare.

    The Market Has Arrived

    What we saw at HIMSS16 mirrors what we have seen generally over the last couple of quarters: the market has arrived!  Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation are no longer a new concept, to be considered and explored, with perhaps a pilot. Rather, we are seeing fully funded, well defined RFPs, and requests for quotations for multiple sites and Enterprise network deployments.

    Yes, in this there will always of course be some mix of pilots. But there are many forward leaning healthcare networks that want to positively impact Patient Experience with best-in-class Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation right now.

    Integration is the Next Step: The Airline Check-in Model


    Connexient CEO, Mark Green presenting and discussing the "Airline Check-in Model" user experience at HX360.

    For many of our clients, there is a keen understanding that the real value and ROI from Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation will come when it gets integrated into other key components of Patient Experience. One of the most important of these is Appointment Scheduling. This is where Connexient has been pioneering an innovative user experience that we call the Airline Check-in Model with the following benefits:

    1. enhance patient experience, making it easy to get to where the patient or visitor wants to go;
    2. minimize the stress of patients and visitors face in navigating a large, complex facility;
    3. reduce missed or late appointments – capturing lost revenue; and
    4. optimize resource utilization by improving enterprise visibility of inbound appointments.

    Last week, we announced a partnership with HackensackUMC to bring this from concept to reality. And at HIMSS16, we began fleshing out plans with other clients to do the same.

    The Understanding of Indoor Mapping & Navigation as an Enterprise Solution

    As important as Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation is to solving a major pain point in Patient and Visitor Experience, Connexient has always emphasized that this is really just the first step.  Connexient’s driving vision and product roadmap is to Location-Enable the Enterprise, enabling, via our API + SDK, navigation-quality indoor maps and location services to be integrated into applications across patient experience, operations, security, facility management and more.    There are then multiple streams of ROI to be gained from each additional integration.

    We are actively planning and moving down that roadmap with the National Institutes of Health. At HIMSS16, we began to flesh this out with several other clients.

    Working with Stanley

    There was also great enthusiasm from mutual clients about the opportunities for ROI and value to patients and staff that can be delivered through our partnership with Stanley Healthcare. The next phase of this collaboration will be very exciting!

    Look for Announcements to Come!

    So, all-in-all HIMSS16 was the capstone on the next phase in the growth of the market and of Connexient.   Look for lots of news and announcements that will come out of HIMSS16 in the months to come!


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