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    How to provide a safer, more efficient work environment while demonstrating a commitment to a premium duty of care to staff, patients and visitors is top of mind for every hospital administration team today.

    Want to learn more? Come see Connexient and Critical Arc at the Security in Healthcare Summitat the Sheraton Boston, October 24/25th.

    Attending the conference - including lodging & meals - is completely complimentary for qualified safety & security staff.

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    But the challenges of responding to incidents in large, complex facilities are extreme. Critical information needs to be gathered, understood and acted upon within seconds:

    • Where is the incident or person needing response?
    • Where are my responders?
    • How can they be directed to the location of the incident?

    In a multi-million square foot building and multi-acre campus, this is difficult or sometimes impossible to determine. We often have heard it described as “flying blind.” The results can be tragic delays and inefficiencies in response.

    Connexient and CriticalArc have partnered to offer a ground-breaking solution that combines MediNavTM’s rich maps and navigation and services with CriticalArc's SafeZone® solution to deliver truly transformational capabilities in Safety & Security response.

    It seems like every time we talk to a client or prospect about the SafeZone® product, we hear another use case that solves an additional pain point for our hospitals and healthcare networks.  These are just a few that have been raised:

    • Patient, Visitor and Staff Duress.
    • Optimizing Code Pinkresponses. 
    • Active Shooter response and evacuation.
    • Lone Worker  / Community Health Worker Safety.
    • Extending and Amplifying Coverage with existing security force.

    With SafeZone® + MediNavTM, your Safety & Security team are provided with real-time situational location awareness, which enables your team to minimize the impact of an incident by maximizing the speed and efficacy of your response.  And thanks to SafeZone's robust reporting and analytics,the solution will also help you to continuously refine and improve security operations and response efficiency and address all of your needs for Joint Commission Compliance.

    We invite Safety & Security directors to consider joining us at the Security in Healthcare Summit for an extraordinary 2 days of learning and discussion with  innovation-minded leaders.

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