• TechCXO Panel on Data Driven Growth at the AWS Loft in NYC

    On Tuesday night, I had the privilege to participate in an interesting panel discussion on Data Driven Growth hosted by TechCXO and sponsored by Riverside Acceleration Capital. It was held at the AWS Loft, a very cool space and gathering place on Canal Street for start-ups and developers to meet over coffee, attend technical workshops and educational sessions, and more. Jon Chang moderated the event and my fellow panelist was Pamela Dunaway.



    Pamela's focus and background is in data-driven consumer marketing, which was a nice complement to our B2B2C business.

    When we look at the role of data collection and analytics in the success and growth of Connexient, it boils down to one thing: delivering value to the end user and our enterprise clients.

    • 1.  The End user - whether that be Patient, Visitor or Staff.

      How do we make our application better - its performance, UI/UX, user success, etc.  And how can these functionalities improve their overall experience? A great app is not enough - it has to actually make the user's life better.

    • 2.  Enterprise clients - and the particular needs of Healthcare networks.

      How can we help them meet their business objectives, starting with their goal to deliver an outstanding Patient Experience? But we also focus on how our solution as a whole will help to improve their Enterprise visibility and efficiency. This starts with the Patient Experience and clinical resource optimization, but over time we can also positively impact their operations and facilities.;

    I won't attempt here to reconstruct the discussion itself, but User Privacy and Data Ownership became a major topic. It was interesting how strongly aligned we were in our philosophies, despite these different backgrounds.  These are the three things that we at Connexient think about.

    • 1. Ethics, Manners and Morality are a winning strategy. When it comes to data privacy and ownership, it is critical to treat the user like you want to be treated and to understand the most valuable thing you can build with a user or client is trust. While over the short term and in a purely transactional mode, doing whatever you want with users data may be enticing, but nothing is worth risking that TRUST.
    • 2.  Focus on Delivering Value and Building Relationships.Whether you are marketing or refining your product, the goal should be the same:  how to deliver value.   If you deliver value to your users, economic value can be exchanged.  Most importantly trust relationships are built so that value can be exchanged over and over for mutual benefit.  In today's short term world, that may seem quaint. But it is still true for all that want to build lasting, sustainable businesses.
    • 3.  Think in Stages. The kinds of data you focus on, and the value they can have, will change as your business scales.   Today at Connexient, we have a very narrow focus on how we can improve our application and the user experience. We are now starting a new stage with client to integrate MediNav with EHR applications such as Epic MyChart where our clients will be able to combine our data with their own comprehensive understanding of the Patient Experience; reduce missed and late appointments, while enabling them to optimize the use and management of their clinical resources.   

    Many of our clients are also starting to understand the major positive impact that Indoor Maps & Navigation Services can have for their staff, operations and facilities much more broadly. As we integrate MediNav with Enterprise applications across these areas, the opportunities for data collection and analytics will be even larger and perhaps even transformational.

    The growing role of data - and even Big Data - for Connexient and our clients is a fascinating topic, that we will continue to explore.

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