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Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut has announced plans to implement MediNav, a new wayfinding and patient engagement application from Connexient.

A native smartphone and smartpad application optimized for navigating medical facilities, MediNav represents an innovative new brand of digital mapping capable of giving patients and visitors comprehensive indoor directions and a wealth of location based content.

This week, mHealthWatch caught up with Mark Green, CEO of Connexient, to discuss his company’s promising role in the rapidly expanding mHealth industry.

“The concept for MediNav – which was initially centered on the mapping and wayfinding aspects of the product – started developing several years ago, based on our 17 years of experience designing Wayfinding signage for hospitals, through our sister company, GDS Inc.,” Green says. “We started discussions with our clients 18 months ago and many of the key features that ultimately ended up in the released product came out of those dialogues.”

Although Saint Mary’s Hospital will be Connexient’s first beta partner to employ MediNav, this solution may very well find its way into hundreds of modern hospitals and medical facilities.

“Our goal is to enhance every aspect of our patients’ and visitors’ experiences,” explains Michael Novak, Vice President of Operations and Ancillary Services for Saint Mary’s. “Hospitals are typically very complex structures to navigate, so offering a tool to simplify the process will be a great resource. Connexient provides an intuitive mobile interface for indoor maps, directions, and relevant hospital content.” For now, MediNav will be offered on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as in-hospital kiosk solutions for arriving visitors and patients.

All told, Connexient says there are multiple ways for hospitals to benefit from the deployment of MediNav.

“First, of course, is the Digital Wayfinding solution,” Geoff Halstead, Chief Product Officer, tells mHealthWatch. “This addresses a major pain point for hospitals and their patients and visitors, which are often both highly complex and large facilities. The result is that, despite all the investments and efforts put into wayfinding signage systems, on average of between 20% to 40% of arriving visitors get lost on their way to appointments after arriving at the building!”

Halstead says MediNav delivers a complete solution to that issue, starting with “very rich indoor maps of the facility and true turn-by-turn directions or even navigation on the smartphone.”

By all accounts, Connexient is on the cutting edge of eHealth and mHealth patient engagement solutions that enable and support an ongoing relationship between healthcare providers and their patients to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

“Our vision,” Green concludes, “is centered on connecting healthcare providers and patients – through the whole lifecycle, not just when someone is sick. We think that this connection, this engagement, is a vital part of the equation for success for all stakeholders in our healthcare system.”

Source: http://mhealthwatch.com/connexients-digital-wayfinding-solution-admitted-to-connecticut-hospital-19926/

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Connexient (www.connexient.com) is dedicated to creating innovative eHealth and mHealth Patient Engagement Solutions for the Healthcare market that enable healthcare providers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes.


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