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Today's announcement of GLOBAL CENTER FOR HEALTH INNOVATION selecting Connexient's VISITOR EXPERIENCE and WAYFINDING SOLUTION was a big milestone for Connexient!  Besides being a new client to add to our rapidly growing roster, there are several reasons why this contract is particularly important for us.

First, of course, is prestige and exposure. The Global Center for Health Innovation (www.theglobalcenter.com) serves health and health care innovation, education and commerce through state-of-the-art spaces, programs and virtual offerings while building on the rich heritage and distinctive capability of Northeast Ohio health care. With sponsors like the Cleveland Clinic, GE, Siemens and many others, we are in great company showcasing the cutting edge of Indoor Location-based Services for the Healthcare.

Second, it presents an opportunity for us to deepen and extend our collaboration with Cisco in leveraging the unique capabilities of Cisco CMX and MSE as a true Enterprise solution for Indoor positioning and context-aware features. This was a key factor for the Global Center as well.

Third, the Global Center is the first client to take advantage of the powerful new location-based features and analytics that we've added to our platform. This is an important new area that Connexient is strongly committed to and will enable our client to get measurable ROI from their investment in Location-based services.

Barbara McBee, Executive Director of the Global Center for Health Innovation, summed these up very well! “After reviewing many different solution providers, we selected the Connexient app because of its ability to provide a combination of location-based venue analytics and intuitive indoor mapping and wayfinding for our visitors. The fact that Connexient leveraged our existing investment in Cisco’s wireless infrastructure was another major plus. Finally, we liked the fact that Connexient is focused exclusively on delivering patient experience solutions for the hospital/healthcare market, as that fits well with our charter of promoting healthcare innovation and technology.”

So, all in all, it was a big day for Connexient!

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