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Another Important Milestone for Connexient

We are proud and honored to announce today another important milestone for Connexient: our new partnership with Intelligent Insites for sales collaboration and product integration around Connexient’s MediNav solution and the InSites operational intelligence platform.

As in our partnership with Stanley Healthcare, the driving force behind this partnership for both of our companies is serving the needs of our clients and end users.

Not Surprisingly, Indoor Positioning, Navigation and Maps Are a Key Part of Operational Intelligence

This is something we've been preaching for a long time. While Indoor Navigation may be the first "killer application" for navigation-quality indoor maps and positioning, the real Enterprise ROI comes as you bring these capabilities into other applications across Operations, Security, Clinical Workflow and so on. We call this Location-enabling Enterprise IT.

Within this framework of integration, the benefits flow in many directions to our respective products and mutual clients and end users. It creates entirely new levels of value in Enterprise data analytics, visibility and actionable intelligence, while simultaneously enabling powerful new use cases and user experiences.

We've talked a lot about this and will continue to do so with our clients and in our blogs. Being able to work actively together with partners like Intelligent Insites to realize, however, takes us beyond talking about it and into the process of delivering these benefits.

So stay tuned!

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