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The ACP Hospitalist came out yesterday with an in-depth article on the revolution in digital wayfinding for hospitals being driven by Indoor Positioning.

The article starts with a discussion of the Mayo Clinic's efforts to help visitors navigate through their medical campus, which encompasses 59 buildings spanning 15 million square feet, connected by a maze of pedestrian skyways and underground walkways,  and features an interview Mark Henderson, Mayo's Chair of Information Technology (IT). 

The article then turns to Connexient's MediNav, and an extensive interview with Chief Product Officer, Geoff Halstead.   Topics include:

  1. How "Indoor GPS" works
  2. The importance of outdoor + indoor wayfinding for Patient use cases - such as Connexient's Parking Planner and My Car Saver. 
  3. Not Just for Patients - how staff are using these new capabilities to improve efficiency.
  4. Location-based Services - how the Mayo Clinic and Connexient are pioneering location-based "e-checkin" and other advanced use cases that will enhance patient experience while improving Enterprise visibility and efficiency.

Until now, wayfinding apps have been mostly focused on the patient experience, but they are evolving into a more comprehensive navigation platform, said Mr. Halstead.

“Over time we can see many uses for wayfinding apps to help hospitals better manage patient flow and give better service,” he said. “They'll be used to remind patients about their appointment, tell them where to park, let the staff know they've arrived, and alert patients to delays. The goal is to solve real-world problems by providing much more than an indoor map.” 


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