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Connexient's Chief Product Officer was interviewed and featured in the "Thought Leaders Corner" of the Healthcare Innovation News on a topic that is very important to many of our clients.

Q. What Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes in Implementing Technology in Healthcare Systems?

The most common mistakes are:

  1. Not considering and planning for the operational requirements and impacts in staff workflow and processes. It doesn’t matter how fantastic or useful a software application or new device is if it isn’t used. For this to happen, it must be integrated into the workflow and processes of the staff that are intended to use it. Make sure that they are involved in the evaluation of the technology and even more crucially, the planning and implementation.
  2. Not considering the direction and future evolution of the platform/application, but just as importantly the technology and its "space" as a whole. Many of the most promising and valuable technologies are by definition new and innovative. That is where the biggest gains will happen. But innovation comes with a price: rapid and sometimes breathtaking change that can leave specific solutions “orphaned.” Make sure you understand the technology in the broader context of its space and evolution. Is it part of broad wave moving toward mass adoption or an outlier? Are there competing approaches?
  3. Not considering how the technology fits into an overall strategic roadmap. No specific technology or software application lives in a vacuum. The most valuable technology will be connected and integrated with other technologies. Make sure you consider the overall strategic roadmap for your organization, and how the technology you are evaluating fits into that. For some technologies, this may not be relevant but for many, it will be crucial to informing your decision.

Connexient's Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Green, was interviewed this week by Lisa Davis for her It's Your Health podcast and radio show.

You can listen to the podcast here:

link: http://itsyourhealthwithlisadavis.com/mark-green-mark-green-ceo-and-co-founder-of-connexient/

The show will air on radio to over one million listeners nationally this weekend, including on NPR.  Here is a link to all of the NPR air times this Saturday and Sunday.


Connexient announced today that its MediNav™ Navigator Edition 2.0 has been selected by Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network in Milwaukee, WI. The MediNav system will provide rich indoor maps, true turn-by-turn indoor navigation and patient flow analytics to enhance the patient experience, reduce missed or late appointments and improve operational efficiency. The MediNav system will be deployed at Froedtert Hospital, the health network’s academic medical center hospital.

With over 3.5 million square feet of facilities and a large medical center campus, Froedtert represents and exciting new opportunity to solve real world problems of wayfinding for patients, visitors and staff.  Deployment is well underway, so look for a public launch in Q1, 2017! 

Recently, David Kaplan of GeoMarketing published an article on the impact of MediNav on patient experience and satisfaction. You can read the full article here:

Half Of All Hospital Visitors Have One Thing In Common: They’re Lost

Mr. Kaplan discusses the advantages of indoor navigation for Healthcare enterprises. Indoor Navigation with MediNav is a complete enterprise solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Networks. As Geoff Halstead, Connexient's Chief Product Officer, explains: "What we can help do is move the needle and reduce late or missed appointments by 10 percent — that’s a huge number for a hospital. Then there’s the whole issue of efficiency where, what is the wayfinding solution today? It’s whoever is in the white coat that patient walks by. And stopping a neurosurgeon or a nurse to ask for directions dozens of times a day is a very expensive wayfinding solution."


Yesterday, Connexient had the opportunity to present and demonstrate MediNav at Google's New York Headquarters. The event was cohosted by Thermopylae Sciences and Technology and Google Maps. Our Chief Product Officer, Geoff Halstead, discussed MediNav and how our partnership with Google Maps for Work helps us deliver high-quality, end-to-end indoor navigation. With Google Maps for Work, MediNav can guide a patient from home to a client hospital, recommend optimal parking, navigate indoors, find his or her car upon departure, and navigate back home. This provides an easy, seamless Indoor-Outdoor navigation experience! We would like to thank Google Maps for allowing us the opportunity to present our product and meet some fantastic people in the location-services and solutions field.


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