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Recently, Claire Swedberg of RFID Journal published an article on the launch of MediNav at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The article can be found here:

Beacons, App Help Patients, Employees Navigate Huge Clinic

Swedburg notes the benefits of Indoor Navigation for NIHCC's huge campus: "The NIHCC wanted a solution primarily to help patients map out their routes, but it knew that a wayfinding app could also benefit employees who needed to quickly locate offices, meeting rooms or departments. In addition, with an indoor location system using BLE beacons in place, even if patients lacked a smartphone or did not want to download the app, staff members onsite would have access to the app and could easily help a patient requiring directions."

Google Maps for Work

Connexient is proud to announce today that we have become an official Google Maps for Work partner.  While we have been working with Google from almost the beginning, our new status will enable us to further enhance our integration as well as get the word out to our clients and prospects of how Connexient + Google Maps together can:

  1. enhance Patient and Visitor experience; 
  2. reduce late and missed appointments; 
  3. improve operational efficiency.

Google Maps for Work enables us to leverage Google Maps unparalleled map data, engine and APIs to solve real world challenges of digital wayfinding and navigation for our clients and users.   

  • Get local data.  The MediNav application has full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and points of interest with the Google Places APIs.
  • Give users the best route.  The Directions API enables us to help users get from any location in the world to the our clients' facilities - as well as to stores, hotels or other destinations and other local points of interest around it.
  • Location visualization.  With Google Maps for Work,  MediNav users can see where they're going before they even get there with visually-accurate Street View imagery.

This means that together with Google, we can deliver end-to-end, outdoor + indoor digital wayfinding and navigation, solving complex wayfinding challenges.  Here are just a few examples.

  1. Adding custom labels, markers, routes and more - the crucial details Google does not know.
  2. Navigating users to the best parking garage or lot based on indoor appointment location.
  3. Providing multi-modal campus navigation in Google, including routing through different gates / entry points by visitor types.
  4. Deep linking to Google Navigation for the outdoor stage of the user's journey.

Want to Learn More?

Come see Connexient present our collaboration at Google headquarters in NYC, in conjunction with Maureen Data Systems and Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, the 2015 Google Maps for Work North American Business Impact Award winner, for an evening of best practices for business location strategy. 
Learn about how important location services have become for businesses, including topics on location analytics, location services, and navigation. The evening will feature location strategy discussion from Google leadership, current trends in location use cases, and case study presentations from local New York City and Google Maps for Work customers Vox Media and Connexient.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT) - Add to Calendar


76 9th Ave - 76 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 - View Map

Check out the event information here!

Recently, Heather Mack of Mobi Health News published an article on the launch of MediNav at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The article can be found here:

NIH Taps Connexient for Hospital Wayfinding App

Mack touches upon the highlights of our Indoor Navigation product: blue-dot navigation; all-screens integration, including web, kiosks, and physical signage; outdoor-indoor integration with Google Maps; enterprise operational efficiency; and more.

After a very hectic but rewarding and exciting week at HIMSS16, it is time to catch our breath and take stock. Here are our take-aways from the show on the status of Digital Wayfinding, Navigation and Location-based Services in Healthcare.

The Market Has Arrived

What we saw at HIMSS16 mirrors what we have seen generally over the last couple of quarters: the market has arrived! Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation are no longer a new concept, to be considered and explored, with perhaps a pilot. Rather, we are seeing fully funded, well defined RFPs, and requests for quotations for multiple sites and Enterprise network deployments.

Yes, in this there will always of course be some mix of pilots. But there are many forward leaning healthcare networks that want to positively impact Patient Experience with best-in-class Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation right now.

Integration is the Next Step:  The Airline Check-in Model


Connexient CEO, Mark Green presenting and discussing the "Airline Check-in Model" user experience at HX360.

For many of our clients, there is a keen understanding that the real value and ROI from Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation will come when it gets integrated into other key components of Patient Experience.  One of the most important of these is Appointment Scheduling. This is where Connexient has been pioneering an innovative user experience that we call the Airline Check-in Model with the following benefits:

  1. enhance patient experience, making it easy to get to where the patient or visitor wants to go;
  2. minimize the stress of patients and visitors face in navigating a large, complex facility;
  3. reduce missed or late appointments – capturing lost revenue; and
  4. optimize resource utilization by improving enterprise visibility of inbound appointments.

Last week, we announced a partnership with HackensackUMC to bring this from concept to reality.  And at HIMSS16, we began fleshing out plans with other clients to do the same.  

The Understanding of Indoor Mapping & Navigation as an Enterprise Solution

As important as Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation is to solving a major pain point in Patient and Visitor Experience, Connexient has always emphasized that this is really just the first step.  Connexient’s driving vision and product roadmap is to Location-Enable the Enterprise, enabling, via our API + SDK, navigation-quality indoor maps and location services to be integrated into applications across patient experience, operations, security, facility management and more. There are then multiple streams of ROI to be gained from each additional integration.  

We are actively planning and moving down that roadmap with the National Institutes of Health. At HIMSS16, we began to flesh this out with several other clients.

Working with Stanley

There was also great enthusiasm from mutual clients about the opportunities for ROI and value to patients and staff that can be delivered through our partnership with Stanley Healthcare. The next phase of this collaboration will be very exciting!

Look for Announcements to Come!

So, all-in-all HIMSS16 was the capstone on the next phase in the growth of the market and of Connexient.   Look for lots of news and announcements that will come out of HIMSS16 in the months to come!

Introducing RWJ Find Your Way

Connexient is very proud to announce the official launch of the RWJ Find Your Way Mobile App, now available on the App Store and Google Play as the RWJUH Find Your Way.

Information & links: http://www.rwjuh.edu/rwjuh/rwj-find-your-way.aspx


You can also see it in action with the RWJ Find Your Way Video:

In addition RWJUH has deployed MediNav iPad Kiosks in its lobby and will be adding the Web site version later this summer.

This launch makes Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital the first hospital in North America to deliver for its patients, visitors and staff the world's first true turn-by-turn indoor navigation smartphone application, with reliable indoor positioning accuracy of 1 to 2 meters. Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and Polestar handset sensor fusion technology, MediNavTM Navigator v. 2.0 is the most advanced indoor navigation application available, with rich features that users have come to expect from Google or Apple in the "outdoor world".

The launch is a hugely important milestone for Connexient, in that it represents the culmination of everything we have learned. There is a huge difference between a good looking demo, and making indoor positioning work reliably and accurately at scale in real-world environments, and there is no substitute for doing the hard work to get there.

As our CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Green put it, “RWJUH has been a fantastic partner and collaborator in realizing the vision of true indoor navigation and how it can improve the Patient Experience. Even more exciting is their commitment to the continued evolution and application of our platform for Indoor Location-based Services to solve problems and bring ROI to the Enterprise as a whole.”

Joanne Arico, RN, BSN, Director of Patient Experience at RWJUH added “The launch of MediNav is the first step in a journey to use indoor navigation and location-based services to benefit all of the stakeholders at RWJUH. Our focus for 2015 is to enhance our patient experience, as well as improve staff efficiency and prevent late and missed appointments.”

So today is important milestone along our path, to look back and around, and be thankful for how much we have grown. But we are looking forward even more to the path ahead!

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